Need to transfer website from one domain to the other

I recently (today) got a new domain via dreamhost. My old domain name was I want to move my form, photos, files, etc etc from to my new domain How do I do that? Both of the domains are all ready registered and hosted by dreamhost.

If they’re both in the same FTP home folder, like /home/evildisko/, then you can use FTP to rename their folders: > yeaverily.old >
yeaverily.old > (optional, but it’d be nice if the folder existed)

Then just make sure that your website doesn’t use absolute URL references (a, but relative links instead (a href=/forum/index.php).

Thank you very much! I’ll try that right now.[hr]
Unfortunately they are all under / as a directory. The forum is really the important thing, it was a one click phpBB install, and I need to keep the information on it. In fact I don’t even see it in my FTP directory under / or anything.

It sounds like you opted for the Easy One-Click install, which puts it on a central server. Maybe Support can move it for you, but One-Clicks in general aren’t movable without breaking something.

The other pieces, if you’re handy with your FTP client, can be Moved to a different directory. I use Transmit that lets me move it to the parent directory, or one I specify.

Another option is to rename to yeaverily.old and then see if your FTP program has a Duplicate (or Copy) option to duplicate the entire folder (minus the Easy One-Click) over to, and then strip out the stuff you don’t want to keep.

Well I’ve moved all the website information with the exception of the easy one click installs… thank you very much for your help. I will contact support about possibly moving the forum. Thank you again!