Need to talk to sales


Is there a way to contact sales via phone or chat to determine the right product required etc. I want to have this chat or discussion before buying a product.

I have following other questions,

  1. your cloud hosting says it provides root access, does it also come with full cpanel hosting?

  2. Do you provide migration to move existing cpanel from different host to your hosting?

  3. With the cloud hosting, were are your nodes / POPs located around the world?


Hello ch4rm

the cloud products don’t use cpanel, no DreamHost product uses cPanel. DreamCompute provides general purpose virtual machines, network and storage with standard REST API. If all you need is a managed hosting for web services, you may want to look at DreamHost VPS. I believe our Tech Support will help you migrate your hosted content from somewhere else (it depends on what you’re hosting though :))

DreamCompute will soon have two availability zones, in North East USA. Expansion is planned during 2016 to North West USA and more geographic locations soon. Hope this helps.

I’m with CH4RM, is there a way to chat or call your sales department, I have many more questions, concerning shared hosting, cloud hosting, fully managed servers… the list is long…anything? phone number? I’ve emailed my questions twice, once yesterday and once today and have not heard from anyone. This is the last time I’m trying, if I can’t get a simple email returned then you must be too pre-occupied to add another customer!!

I have already sent 2 emails to the sales service
Can you answer please?

Rather than jumping on a thread which has already been answered, perhaps you should open your own threads, with all your questions. Might get a faster answer that way.