Need to start over

To make a long story short… Someone set up a wordpress for me, but now I do not have access to any of the information, so I just want to start over. After much reading I have tried to delete databases, but still am unable to load wordpress. I am not worried about losing any information. I just want it to be as if nothing was ever done, so I can start from scratch.


WARNING This is to totally start over for your account. Think about each step, as there may be something in that account you don’t intend to lose. WARNING

If you can get to the panel, go to:
MySQL Databases. Delete the databases, and hosts (related to your WordPress installation and domain. You can retain the host with no ill effects)
Manage Domains. Delete the domain (that your WordPress was installed in)
Manage Users. Delete the user (Only if this user only had WordPress installed in their home directory)
Manage Email. Delete the mailbox (Only if you want to wipe out your email too, but this is unrelated to WordPress)

When reinstalling any of these, you might have to wait until the old one is completely cleared from the system.

Hi sdayman,
Thank You for your reply!! I actually just came back to say, "I got it to work!!“
I deleted Wordpress through the " One Click Installs” - "Manage Installed Applications"
THEN I deleted the database and started over with “One Click…” This combination seemed to do the trick.
(I had previously tried several different things, after reading other posts and what not, but kept getting errors)

Thanks again