Need to setup automatic email system

Hey, I recently bought dreamhost hosting. Because one of my friends was really impressed by quality and speed. But after buying I realized that I don’t have cPanel in it and you have your own control panel. I wanted to move my main site but this thing stoped me because I wanted to setup automatic email forwarding system. like my domain is If someone send email on (even I don’t made this email adress) but still I will receive that mail in my actual gmail account. I was doing this in cPanel But I am unable to find this in your custom control panel. can you please help to setup this feature?

Thank you for this… i will surely follow this in future….

In Panel:

Mail → Manage Mail → Create New Email Address

Scroll down to Forward-Only Email and set hh@checkiqama as the address to create then type in your Gmail address in the text box and hit Forward to These Addresses!

Any mail received at hh@checkiqama will be forwarded directly to the Gmail account.

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