Need to Renew


Hi Guys,

I need urgent help. My customers domain and site is hosted with dreamhost. The site expired four hours ago but my customer did not receive any email since he uses the hosted domain email on a regular basis. The master email is something he does not even have access to anymore. Anyhow, we would like to renew the domain and pay for hosting but it seems like DREAMHOST has made it nearly impossible to do so.

  1. There is no phone support we can call
  2. There is no live chat we can talk too
  3. We cannot open a support ticket because our control panel account has been disabled/locked or whatever they did after expiry so we cannot logon to it
  4. We cannot email since they have blocked that to control Spam
  5. We cannot create a new account either unless we buy new domain and hosting from them.
  6. We tried using their contact form and just waiting idly to hear back from them. Their system did not even email us a Service/Support Ticket ID number or anything so we don’t even know if they got the request.

Does anyone know of anyway to contact them or do Dreamhost people just don’t like to be contacted by customers.


I can look into it for you and see if there is anything we can do.

What is the domain name that is having this issue? Or the account number?


How come no one is responding to the online contact inquiries?


I show the account is active and you should be able to sign into it just fine to submit a Support Ticket on the downed site.

Go here to submit the ticket.

Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do directly here over the forums. This is something that one of Support Techs would need to address for you.

If you are still having issues let us know!
So I looked into your account and I was about to find that your domain wasn’t registered with us.

It’s registered over at

You would need to contact them about getting it renewed.

Your domain is hosted with us however!

Hope this helped!