Need to move new domain to new database



I am in a serious bind and hope someone can help me. I’ve looked for an answer here and sent a note to Support, but no luck yet (and time is VERY much a factor. I’m in a serious bind).

I’ve had a domain hosted here for about a month. Day before yesterday, I added a new domain and, being a novice, selected to use the same database. That resulted in my new webpage simply displaying the same stuff I had on my other page. Thanks to a tip from someone here, I added a new database to use for my new domain/page. But, I can’t find where to redirect the domain to the new database. I even unhosted and rehosted the domain in an attempt to find where I select the database, but I can’t find it.
If time weren’t pressing on me, I’d just keep trying to figure it out or keep looking though the forums, but I really need to get that new domain working tonight.
PLEASE, can someone walk me through what I need to do? You have no idea how much I’ll be in your debt.


What software are you using for your new domain? There’s usually a config.php in your domain’s root directory which has a few lines that tell the software which machine, database, user, and password it should use.



Before I unhosted and rehosted it, I had installed WordPress, which is what I am using on the other page. That is still what I intend to use.




You are a genius. THAT is where I select the database: when I choose the install of WordPress!

Thank you!!!


You’re welcome. Have fun with it. Gotta love those unlimited domains!