Need to Migrate from Hostgator to Wordpress

Hi Team,

I work as freelancer and come to requirement to move wordpress based Limeroad Coupon Code website to Dreamhost along with Jommla instead of Wordpress.

Please let me know if this is possible.

hi there, almost everything is possible given enough time and money :slight_smile: If I understand your request, you need to migrate a site from WordPress to Joomla, and also change the hosting company. Is that correct? These are two separate issues. Changing from hostgator to DreamHost is the easy part, there is plenty of articles on you can ready to learn how to move hosting.

The migration from WordPress to Joomla is a whole other piece of work. In theory it can be done, in practice there is no magic wand or a simple recipe and you’ll have to learn how to do that yourself.

hope this help

There is a WordPress plugin that will import Joomla data into WordPress:

Depending on the complexity of your website, you may need the premium version, but definitely try the free one first. If it works, you’re all set; if not, you can wipe your WP database and try some other method.

A guide to migration (which makes use of the above plugin) is here: