Need to install Geeklog Sites

I am loving the idea of getting a chance to play with Geeklog sites, but I am having a few questions with the install process and our servers. I have no idea if we have a public_html directory or not. Also, can you decipher the message below (which came from the install instructions on the Geeklog Website) and give me some instructions in easy to understand format on how to begin to install my site? I know what they are talking about but how does this work on our servers. Here is the message:

The following instructions will refer to the public_html directory a lot. Here is what this is all about:

Basically, a Geeklog installation consists of two parts: The part that is visible “to the world” - which is everything in the public_html directory. “public_html” is a popular name for the world-accessible directory that can be found on a webserver (“htdocs” and “www” are other popular names). So if you have such a directory, just copy everything from Geeklog’s public_html directory into that directory on your webserver. Then you only need to set up $_CONF[‘path_html’] (in config.php) to point to that directory.

The other part of Geeklog, which is everything outside the public_html directory, should not be accessible via a URL since it contains sensitive information. So you should really put those files and directories outside of your document root (i.e. outside the web server’s public_html, htdocs, or www directory). Then you only need to set up $_CONF[‘path’] (again, in config.php) to point to the place where you put those files and directories.

Separating the install in this way will also ensure that you can access your Geeklog site directly via a domain name (if you have one), e.g., and that you don’t need to include “public_html” in the URL.

The DreamHost equivalent to the public_html directory is the web accessible directory for your domain, which by default is named the same as the domain. For example, if your domain is named then the directory that is equivalent to public_html is also named

As for the things that need to be non-accessible via a URL, you should place these somewhere within your home directory, but NOT in one of your web accessible directories.


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cool, thx, stayed tuned for more install questions LOL.

No problem, I am glad to help where I can. :slight_smile:

I am not sure how much help I can be, as I am not familiar with Geeklog, but I am sure there will be others out there who have experience with it.


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