Need to host AWAY from Dreamhost--but how?


So I mistakenly bought my domain and a year of hosting from DH and found out only AFTER that it doesnt support my So, my brother said he would host my site on his server but that DH wont allow me to edit my nameservers to reflect the hosting there… I am locked into hosting at DH??

I desperately need to get this site live for business purposes and can’t wait 60 days to transfer it to another hosting site …

anyone have some information to help me? This has been such a sad pain in my neck for the last week :frowning:


They do have a 97 day money-back guarantee. That said, you should be able to go into the web panel, click on domains, manage domains and then select “DNS” next to the domain you want to change.


It says this:

Non-editable DreamHost DNS records

That’s my problem.

if I add a new DNS would that work? Also, if I cancel what will happen to my domain?? Would I be able to purchase it elsewhere immediately or will it go into lockdown for 80 (whatever) days?


You have two options, you can change the name servers to point to the new server, if he’s got name server set up. Or you should be able to add new records.

If you go for your money back, you’ll getrefunded the full price you paied, minus $10 for the registration. Your domain will still be registered with dreamhost, and you can change the name servers to whatever. In 60 days you can transfer you domain to an other registrar if you want, but it shouldn’t make any difference.

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You need to go to Domains > Registrations to change the nameservers.


Found it!

FYI for anyone who stumbles across this thread for help:

To change the name servers on your domain name, log into the admin panel
and go to Domains -> Registrations. Scroll to the bottom and click the
Whois Info button next to your domain name.


While you’re at it, I recommend that people use DreamHost’s free WHOIS privacy service. It’ll keep your personal info out of the WHOIS database.