Need to find a backup hosting for DH

I have 3 important websites, because of this awful down time , I need to find a backup hosting for DH( Or maybe DH will be the backup).
Requirement is similarly to DH:

  1. 20gb space

  2. 500gb HW

  3. ssh support
  4. no cpu limitation
  5. < $15/mo

Thanks for any advice!

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I’m not aware of any hosting company that would even come close to the level of satisfaction you will receive at dreamhost


Sorry, I don’t have any alternate suggestions of value, as I have been almost exclusively hostng at Dreamhost since 1998. I do maintain a few sites on other host (that I inherited from previous developers), one of them being ixhosting, but I do not recommend them.

A word of caution:

Research the history of the previous responder to your thread. Joined this forum tonight, has only touted his other sites, and his suggested link is to a “free” blogger site he established today (also touting the same sites). I was the first visitor to view his profile there. It also appears (check the misspellings) as though he is serving as his own shill on that site’s comment system. Here, he is just a troll.

I think I still need some advices for another hosting when I saw the news “The Network is Still Bad” in

:wink: [color=#CC0000]Here[/color] are my Hosting Plan Comparision and $97 off DreamHost Promo Code