Need to edit index.html, but which one?


I wanted to edit the ads section of my blog page, so I thought I would connect using Dreamweaver and edit the index.html file.

Wrong!..I’m not sure which index.html file to use.

I found the ad area I wanted to edit in an index.html file in the Supercache directory, but when I edited it, the information did not last and was later blown away.

Where is the index.html file that Supercache uses or am I just totally lost?


Leave the cache files alone. They’re used for temporary storage of rendered pages. If you want to change a page, you’ll need to do so through WordPress.

What is your site, and where is the “ads section” you’re referring to? (Is it being created by a WordPress plugin you’ve installed?)


Yes, the ads are created by the widget application from the Wordpress website. My site is and the ad that I’m trying to manually edit is the second one down on the screen, the one for Goodreads Giveaway.

I’m trying to insert the Goodreads Giveaway into the html file where the widget is creating the ads. I’m not sure this is allowed since the widget is inserting the code.

I’d really like to know where is the index.html file that is allowed to be edited?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Allowed? Sure!

Is it smart or efficient or best practices or even something I would consider remotely wise? Heck no. In the simplest terms, editing the cache would be wiped out every time it was rebuilt. You’d waste hours of your life every day handling that.

You’re using I see (I can tell from the page source).

Don’t edit the HTML, edit the widget: