Need to connected my domain name with specific DNS


I have built a site on and I need to have my domain name ( connected to the following DNS (name servers):

I did send a request for this a couple of days ago (#4004151) and received a replay that my inquiry had been moved to the queue of a specific tech support team member. That was days ago and still no reply, so I’m worried I wasn’t clear enough :frowning:

PS: I am not asking for a domain name transfer/redirect.
I want to remain with you as my domain name host.

Thank you

That’s something you can do on your own from the panel:
Under Domains -> Registrations
Click the checkbox in the Modify WHOIS for your domain, then click the Modify WHOIS blue button at the bottom. Scroll to the very bottom of the new screen and set the name servers for Wix.

Great. Thank you very much !! :slight_smile: