Need to claim domain ownership


My client contacted dreamhost by email because a previous webmaster had registered their domain in his name and has disappeared. They have proof of business ownership and pay the bill. Every domain registrar I have ever worked with had procedures to deal with this issue, but dreamhost told my client all they could do was email the webmaster (domain registrant) and the president of the company (which email never arrived).

Since there is no phone contact, my client is at a loss as what to do. I am writing here in order to ask dreamhost to provide a way for businesses to reclaim ownership of their domains, like godaddy, namecheap and other registrars do. This is the only professional solution. Come on dreamhost, I believe in you!


Unfortunately, there is unlikely to be much you can do here without getting your previous webmaster involved. If the account was created in their name, and they paid for it, they are the legal owner of the domain, and we cannot transfer their domain without their consent.


i need to access the control panel
can you please send the user name to the email available in your database.


There a strict procedures and protocols to recover an account.

You need to start by contacting support via the form here:

pick “Other” in the dropdown box.


i have done as you told and waiting for the reply