Need to change WP install to custom

Hi guys

I need help changing a basic WordPress install to a custom one so I can access the files and add plugins.

I researched on here and found this thread that said admins would help me do it:

Please help.

My domain is:

Thanks, redcoat

it’s really simple…

just delete the simple install… this does NOT delete the database…

Re-install using ‘custom’ but specify the database to be the same as previously used.

When the custom install is complete you will have the same data…

Thank you.

“just delete the simple install…”

Where do I do that?[hr]
Wait I think I found it…

go back to the one click installs page in the panel ->

and click “manage installed applications”

i think then you have to expand the domain by clicking on the arrow to the right on the next page by clicking it, then on the far right you should see a delete for the application.

Okay, so I successfully did that, then I went to do a custom install and did what you suggested but it’s not working. I tried to used the existing database, that didn’t work so I tried a new one and it didn’t work either.

I appreciate the help.

you will have to be more specific than “didn’t work” if you need more help.