Need to change my domain asap! Help?

I went in for the new promo and I forgot to noticed the fine print in domain charges. I selected a “.me” domain and was charged $33. However, I would have at least appreciated it if that was notated during checkout because I did not see that amount anywhere. My account is still pending activation so would I still be able to have my charges reverted if the domain has not been activated and go with a regular domain? I submitted a ticket making the request and it is #5560227. I would really appreciate the support along with advice from anyone else that had a similar situation.


Welcome to DreamHost :slight_smile:

Twitter them, Facebook them, and most importantly use the ticketing system in Panel as well as the Contact Form on the main website. <- select SALES

Hope you get someone’s attention quick enough!

Thanks! Hopefully they’ll help out. My domain hasn’t been activate yet so I’m assuming there is still a gap of time to get the domain reversed.

Well that’s just great. I’ve contacted Dreamhost in every way imaginable but that hasn’t done a thing. Activation was pushed through with the domain that I did not want regardless of my support tickets. Now I’m stuck with $33, which I need to get off the card immediately. I know this could have been easily prevented, I was definitely assured that the issue would resolve itself but now I wasted my lunch hour at work typing up this and ticket responses. I’m willing to bet that nothing is going to happen and that I have wasted more of my time.

I was honestly looking forward to using Dreamhost. :frowning:

You still can! I’m taking care of this for you now, and will be emailing you shortly. I apologize if there was any confusion. Thanks so much for your patience!
UPDATE: Just emailed you! Please reply there directly if you have any questions/concerns. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Everything was sorted out, I really appreciate it the help. I’m also surprised with the turn around time (in a good way). Thanks again for the help.

You’re very welcome! I’m glad we could sort everything out for you. If you need assistance with anything else, now or for the future, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Welcome to the DreamHost family! :slight_smile: