Need to block an ip address

hey all,

i’m not a total beginner, but for the sake of this thread consider me somewhere between novice and intermediate. i need to block a single ip address of a visitor to my site (re: harassment, etc). i have researched threads here and other places, but they all start at the following point:

“paste the following into your .htaccess file:
order allow,deny
deny from [insert ip here]
allow from all”

i need to back up a little earlier than that point. the only .htaccess file i can find on my FTP is in the logs folder, which doesn’t seem correct. has the one i need been deleted? how do i get a new one? where do i go from there? once i get that file, is it as simple as pasting the above text into the file, saving it to the server, and being done with it?

please advise.


For simplicity, I’ll use webFTP here: Log on, go to, and create a file called .htaccess with the text you indicated:

[quote]order allow,deny
deny from [insert ip here]
allow from all"[/quote]
For more complicated cases involving .htaccess, turn to the wiki article.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

perfect. thanks! :slight_smile: