Need the IP address, not machine


Okay, this is a tad bit complicated. I wanted to move my site ( to a new server. I’ve changed the nameservers and everything seems to be running smoothly, but there’s a database here that I need to backup and restore on my new server, and I can’t do that since the address to the SQL is, which you can no longer access since is pointing to different DNS.

I tried and that didn’t work. How can I log into mySQL/phpmyadmin without my domain point to dreamhost’s DNS?

Thanks for your time.


You can change the database subdomain to a subdomain at (a DreamHost domain available for this exact purpose).

It’s the same solution as people who need to access their domain before DNS change:
Viewing site before DNS change
How can I seamlessly transfer my site to DreamHost from another host?

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I appreciate the quick reply!

I tried switching it, and the only option I had was to add it to, so now it’s… but it’s been well over 10 minutes and it’s not working. Am I doing something wrong?


Sometimes it can take a bit more than 10 minutes.

I just tried to go to and phpMyAdmin was asking for a username and password, so I guess it works now.

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