Need test please

hi all,
after recent issues DH move my site on server TEA.

Wanna test please my site… :

i need country and time loads.
Many thanks


USA - 6 sec for total page load.

Page load time is about 10 seconds in Australia.

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Six seconds in the USA, using Firefox under Mac OS X 10.4.8 on a 12 megabit cable modem connection.

I think if folks are going to present page load times, they ought to provide the rest of the story :slight_smile:

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6-7 seconds, Chicago-area, 8mbit Cable.
Though I’m using wireless also, so that may account for 1 second or so.

The youtube thing took the longest to load btw.

6-7secs to load in Singapore.

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It seems you could do it from here:

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Are you really 8 years old?

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Took 10 sec’s USA.

In return could you please return the favor at thread



Thanks to all
from Italy load in 15-20 seconds :frowning:
nothing has changed…


You may want to send a ticket to DH support. It takes too long to load the page.

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East coast US. 5-6 seconds initial load. 3-4 seconds the second time (presumably with some stuff cached).

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