Need suggestions for pictures/comments website cms

Hi, I’d like to ask you which is the best solution for CMS (if that’s what it’s called) such as joomla, drupal etc.
I want to create a website where (registered) users will upload funny/amusing pictures and other (also registered) users will be able to add comments to those. Moreover, I’d like to present in the frontpage a random photo, the latest entries (let’s say the 5 most recent) and the latest comments (say 5 again!)

Which CMS can better serve/support pictures and comments?
Also, with the suggestion I’d like you to suggest me some plugins necessary for the purposes I listed above :slight_smile: (if you can also guide me with some preferences, especially drupal, to optimize it and/or make it better I’d be grateful)

Looking forward to your suggestions, everyone is welcome!

Currently I’m using drupal & acidfree album module:

I think most of those things boil down to personal preference and your level of experience with working with them.

You could poke around and check out some of the demos & user comments there.

In addition to CMS & plugins, you could also look into sites like to see if you can find any stand-alone scripts to do specific things you want done.

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Even though it’s not a CMS… the one-click install of Gallery should be able to do exactly what you need.

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I would definitely recommend Gallery in the one-click installs for use. It should fit your need perfectly.

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