Need some info on transfering to dreamhost


Ok i had a account at dreamhost before but i closed it. I have account at yahoo small bussines but I want to transfer my domain and hosting at dreamhost. Now my question is. Would I have to pay alot of money up front or would be I be paying monthly? How do I transfer my account to to my dreamhost account? I’m hoping some one could help me out and explain.


You can pay monthly, but there’s like a $50 setup fee. The longer the term, the less it comes out per month. The minimum no-setup term is one year for $119.40. I was going to suggest promo codes, but you’ve already been a customer here.

To “transfer” your account here, you’ll to set your domain at Yahoo to use DreamHost’s DNS servers. Then create a fully hosted domain and upload your content and start adding email accounts.

You must be a customer from the distant past, because not much has changed with setting up accounts here.



It is your choice. You can subscribe yearly plan or monthly plan. All the plans in DH have same server space and bandwidth. The only difference is the period of your contract. And longer the contact is, more discount you will get.

If you go to features page, you can see all the features. If you go to sign up page, you will see the choice of plan period with different pricing.

Here is a detailed instructions for you. Everything will become handy. It also teaches how to avoid downtime during DNS propagting.

Welcome to DH!

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That’s fine. You just have to watch out to make sure you don’t run awry of the Dreamhost rules against taking advantage of the introductory promo codes more than once.

First, I’m not 100% positive, but you might not be able to use a promo code if you’re using the same credit card and email you used on your previous account. I think you’re supposed to somehow reopen your previous account. I think your original login may work and you just have to sign up for a new plan.

Second, make if you do decide that it’s easier to sign up for a new account and you happen to use a promo code (which I think is a bit iffy but who am I to say), remember that you won’t be able to add any domains that were previously hosted here. So if that domain you have hosted over at yahoo is the same one you had with your old Dreamhost account, this will create trouble in that particular situation.

Basically, you’d have to pay the same that you’d pay signing up as a new customer. You have your choice of paying monthly (and paying the $50 setup fee) or pre-paying annually or with a multi-year prepayment. BTW, the days of the $22.40 first year account are over since Dreamhost capped promo codes at $50 off.

Beyond the questions I’ve already addressed, are you asking about how to transfer your site? If so, you should take a look at the Dreamhost wiki article on transferring hosting to Dreamhost from another web host.

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Hey, this is a new record. 3 replies at the same time.

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So If I got the every two years ($8.95/mo, no set up fee) I wouldnt have to pay the set up fee?


It’s true, and as sdayman said in another thread, speed and verbosity are inversely related!

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Yes, you are right. There is no setup fee for any yearly plans. There is a setup fee only for monthly plan.

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Ok I baught the two year hosting plan where do I transfer my domain again?


So I buaght the 2 year plan. I wanted to register my domain from yahoo and it says this

New Charge: $0.00 (included w/plan)

  • $-164.85 (current balance)
    Due Now: $164.85

Do I have to pay 164 now or will it get billed next time? I wront be able to do it because I dont have that much in my back account.


Uh. You have to pay it before they’ll activate your hosting account. Pre-payment means that you have to pay at the beginning of the hosting period.

But what do you mean by “next time”?

I think you’ve gotten confused by the fact that prepayment plans are almost always described in their equivalent monthly terms. The 2 year prepayment plan which you’ve selected is described as $8.95 a month even though it’s actually $214.80 every two years.

I noticed that you seem to have used a promo code. If cash flow is the biggest issue for you, you should instead select a monthly plan and have the $50 discount offset the setup fee. That way you’ll only have to come up with $10.95 every month. Alternatively, you could see if you can switch to the 1-year prepay plan which will come out to $69.40 up front and be good for one year.

Even more to the point, perhaps you should consider finding a cheaper web host. If you can’t really afford $119.40 a year, it’s probably not good for your financial situation to commit to that and if you’re just going to switch to another host after a year, it’s a lot of trouble to go through to change hosts every year save a buck.

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I would suggest signing up for the yearly plan using the dreamhost promo code DREAMPROMO4U. This gives you $50 off the charge and a free domain registration.

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