Need some help

hello, can someone help me to change the value of

php_value upload_max_filesize
php_value post_max_size

to become more bigger, cause I dont understand about to change via php.ini

This DH wiki article tells you how to accomplish the upload_max_filesize change, and it really does not get any simpler than that. Also, there are many forum posts that discuss this.

If you need help with a particular part of that process, post back with a specific question and someone may be able to help you over that spot.

As for the post_max_size, the process in this same. You could either incorporate that change into the process described in the wiki article or simply edit the php.ini file you produced with the article to change it “manually”


If that article and the rest of the info isn’t simple and clear enough for you, you might need to hire some inexpensive help. There is at least one guy out here that has been known to take care of this kind of stuff for people.

If you aren’t able/willing to do that, DH might not be the right place for you. You might want to ask DH for that 97 day refund.

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