Need some help with A Record setup


Can someone please look at the screenshot below and tell me how to fix my problem. I am working with someone who took this screenshot and I don’t have access so a step by step would be fantastic.

I am thinking that the wiki sub domain should not be down in the non-editable section and just needs to be removed.

Thanks in advance…



Same section of the panel, “Manage domains” there is a hosted sub-domain that has been created by the same name “wiki”. The hosted sub-domain needs to be deleted, being careful to just delete the correct sub-domain. Essentially one screen “up” from where the screenshot was taken…


Thank you… I will let them know.


Taking a second look, I didn’t say enough.

It looks like what happaned is the sub-domain ‘wiki’ was created and then a custom A record was added to that sub-domain.

After the sub-domain is deleted, then click ‘DNS’ for the domain and add a custom A record.