Need some advice with New Site and Dreampress

Hi Dreamhost peeps,

I just upgraded to Dreampress. It’s a little different than what I’m used to when it comes to typically installing and customizing wordpress as far as hosting is concerned.

I know that many things are provided by Dreampress in order to take the place of using certain plugins and such. Therefore, Dreampress can be picky with certain plugins or settings. Because of Varnish, etc.

Do any of you Dreampress experts have any suggestions or tips as to what to do and not to do on a wordpress site while configuring your wordpress site that it doesn’t have a negative impact on performance, etc?

What plugins do you recommend? Especially security plugins or any other type. The Wiki touches a little on this, but doesn’t really elaborate too much.

I know that Wordfence is one of the best, but I remember reading in a thread here that it may cause problems.

Same thing goes for caching plugins (like supercache or w3) or services like cloudflare. If I use them, will they enhance things even more? Or are they going to slow my site down.

Anyways, any advice helps. I just don’t want to be stuck trouble shooting things too much or trying to hack things just to make them work right with Dreampress.

Thank you and looking forward for some feedback.

In general, you don’t need a security plugin on DreamPress. I know that sounds horrifying, but the truth is they tend to play poorly with caching in general, and we have mod_security and fail2ban running on all DreamPress servers to protect you from DDoS and brute force and all those ugly things. After that, the benefits from most security plugins is pretty negligible to the point that they’ll slow you down more than they protect you.

Caching plugins - no, don’t use 'em please. You have Varnish caching your site :slight_smile: You don’t need another plugin except the varnish http purge, and that’s just there to tell Varnish “Hey, I have a new page!” You CAN use cloudflare if you want, we configured things to play nice with it.

Basically DreamPress gets tetchy when you use a plugin (or theme) that uses sessions or cookies to force a user to get a unique page on each load. That probably makes a lot of sense once you say it outloud, since the concept of caching is “Give everyone the SAME page.” Any time you break that (like with a shopping cart) you can’t serve cached pages and everything slows down.

Yay! You replied. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. Ok, so, I’ll trust Dreampress then with my security. I don’t plan to use any shopping carts on here either or caching. I’m not sure what other type of plugins may affect anything, but I’m sure you and your team will be there to help.

Any plugins you recommend or like? Just out of curiosity.