Need some advice on iWeb


Hi there. I’m as new as you can get when it comes to managing a website. I’m helping out my HOA by coming up with a webpage and am hosting at dreamhost. I don’t have a lot of experience with webpages, so I’m using iWeb from Apple to help set it all up. My big question is: is it possible to use the add-ons that I see like the online calendar and phpBB with iWeb? I believe there’s a place in iWeb that you can insert HTML. I’m also looking for a way to create a “member’s only” section of the website. I know iWeb doesn’t have anything like that. I’m really looking for any advice on getting this started, keeping in mind that for the time being, I have to use iWeb.


Since iWeb content stays in its own folder, you can create another folder and do the one-click installs for the calendar and bulletin board. Your domain directory will look like:
/home/USER/ your iWeb files go right here (not a folder)
/home/USER/ (Folder)
/home/USER/ (Folder)

Then create Hyperlinks in iWeb to point to (and phpbb)

To protect the site, see this Wiki entry:

If you password protect /home/USER/, then all directories under it will fall under the same protection.