Need Server Side Image Map

Hi. I have a website with a large map of the world on which users can click to indicate for instance where they have visited in their, The selecting of the countries, colors them. The problem is that there are some countries on the map like Monaco and San Marino, which are only one pixel large.

To deal with this viewing problem I’ve introduced a nice little Javascript magnifier, I found Everything is now visible if the viewer chooses magnification. The problem is when magnification is turned on, the client side image map no longer works.

Looking at the Javascript, it’s apparent that the script uses the X and Y coordinates of the mouse. I found out that Server Side image maps use simple mouse coordinates. I can therefore reuse the mouse coordinates used by the Javascript to make a DOM based Server Side Image map call, like: document.getElementById(‘world_map’).src = '’ + nowx + nowy; (in the magnifier javascript the mouse coordinate variables are called nox and nowy).

So I asked sales at Dream Host and they think it should be possible here, but what exactly are the steps I need to take if I buy some hosting here. Scott from Sales suggested I post my question here.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Pruitt

What “exactly” is your question?

You’re using PHP and apparently know how to get parameters passed to your scripts. Also you already have sets of coordinates for countries on the map. Are you simply asking how to write PHP code to match an X,Y pair to the country coordinates?