Need root access

Hello, I’m trying to run this command ’ apt-get install libstdc++2.10-dev ’ but when i run it in my home directory it says i need root any help?

You can ask support if they’d do it for you.

I don’t think they’ll do that. That would require them to change their GCC installation, which is generally frozen until they do a site-wide upgrade.

Why do you need the dev version? They might suggest some sort of workaround.


Instead of using apt-get to install libstdc++2.10-dev you can download the source code to the server, compile it and install it in your home directory.

The server you are using is shared with MANY other people. If you were to install it on the system as root, everyone would have to use it.

You don’t want what I have installed and I’m pretty sure you don’t want what I have installed so we have to play nice in our own areas. Many applications have ways of installing “outside” of the normal locations that root would install them and still be completely functional.

Try a google query like:

install libstdc shared host

and you might get some good hints.

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