Need Password Reset


Ok I did something stupid. I setup my account two nights ago but I changed my email address to one I created on the site. I used the same password. Yesterday I realized I didnt write the password down and forgot it. I sent 3 emails yesterday requesting a password reset to my gmail account but still no response. I also requested a call back if you cant send it to another email. I am locked out of the control panel so I cant get in without a new password. Please nessage me privately at my gmail address provided above and I can verify anything you need. My domain is


You should have received an email from our account verification team about an hour ago. Check your email for details.


When I go to the link - I enter the code and get this message: “It appears your account is already activated or does not require email verification.”

The password reset I need is not for the forum. Its for my control panel and access to my account. I dont have access to the email on the account. I need to change the email and get a new password.


There are two emails in my inbox. The first one is from the forum when I signed up today for the forum - email verification

The second email is from you telling me that someone from account verification should have sent me an email an hour before. If they are sending it to the email address on the account I will never get it because I cant log into webmail since I dont remember the password. I need the email to be changed to and then a password reset sent to that address. Or at least email me at the gmail above and let me verify the info on my account. It would be so much easier if I could just call someone and verify my info and get it changed on the spot. I needed to get this page up and running by tomorrow. Looks like thats not going to happen. We have wasted two days playing tag. Its ridiculous.


You realize at this point there will be more verification steps.

Change my email so I can reset my password are steps that could be used to hi-jack an account Via social engineering.

The good news is this is not dreamhosts first request for such a thing. The bad news is you’re going to have to be patient because the process is not quick, and likely won’t get completed until business hours (GMC-8) tomorrow.


I understand how someone could try to gain access to an account by making this request. I also understand that to cut down on expenses you have chosen not to provide customer service through a phone number but it would be a whole lot easier for your customers to have someone they can actually talk ti. If I could talk to someone I could easily verify everything on the account (phone number, credit card, billing address, etc) It would take no longer than 10 or 15 minutes to get back into the account. So yes I made a stupid mistake and I take ownership of that but even if you just had email cust service I should be able to have an email conversation and get it straightened out in minutes. You have live chat but thatch only if you can actually get into your account. Dreamhost really would be a “Dream Host” if people didnt have to complain about how they can hardly get any customer service. Ive read a ton of forum requests from customers who are frustrated with not being able to get issues solved quickly and without a phone number. The average person really has no need of a hosting company or a website. So most custmers who need hosting are in business. And businesses need to have quick and easy solutions to issues that come up. Time is money! I didnt have a problem when I looked at your company figuring I could always do a live chat. But since I cant get into the account to do that… its very inconvenient that someone isnt available 24/7 to at least follow up with the few customers that end up outside the loop and unable to get to your live chat. I hope this is just a hiccup and that my experience with you guys in the future will be better than this,


Just be be clear, I am NOT a dreamhost employee. Just another customer that has been around awhile.

Dreamhost didn’t choose to save a few bucks by not having phone in customer support, they created there business model around that fact. (BTW they do offer phone support, but they charge extra for that and you do have to be able to log into the panel to use it.)

Frankly I’m kinda glad that dreamhost doesn’t choose to let the entire staff do account verifications. I’m personally happy that they relegate that task to a limited team that understands just how easy it is for a scam artist to confuse the situation.

How you can avoid the problem in the future is to have a non-dreamhost email account registered as a panel login. It’s that simple. No need to wait for help from anyone.

One thing dreamhost could do a better job at tho is reminding you think thru your account access backup plan. When you originally sign up your panel login email address has to be a non-dreamhost email, because you have to receive the account setup email before you can set up your account. Somewhere in the workflow of changing that login email address to a dreamhost based email address there could be a warning that you may want to keep an outside address as backup, and as an alternate contact for support to use should your dreamhost email not be functioning for any reason. Seems like something like that could save the account verification team a few future headaches too.