Need MySQL Super privileges on Dedicated server

We have a dedicated server that came with MySQL installed. I am trying to create a user with SUPER privileges so that we can link an external database instance (Dynamics CRM) but I cannot find out how to get into the previously installed mysql instance using the root account.

Has anyone been able to get this information? The support e-mail and chat have only been able to suggest that I log into the shell w/ an admin account but once I’ve gotten to that point, there is no more help to be had. I really don’t want to have to run a separate mysql instance on the server if I don’t have to but it’s beginning to look like that may by my only option. Please help!

What exactly are you trying to do with MySQL here? Depending on what you’re trying to do, you may actually be better off with your own instance, so that our management tools don’t get in your way. But I’d need to know more details before saying for certain.

We are trying to setup an SSIS connection with our microsoft services. In order to complete the connection, we need to have a DB user account that has super privileges. We can run another instance if we absolutely have to, but we already have some 5 gigs of tables in our current installation that I’d rather not move, especially since some of the data is already being used on our sites.
I feel like this should be a pretty simple operation since on this page it says ‘Local MySQL server with full root access’ yet there is no straightforward way to actually get root access to the MySQL server nor any documentation to that end.