Need MySQL help

i moved a web site over to Dreamhost a few months ago. part of the website
has a password protected database for our music camp. i ported the database
over successfully ~ i am able to manually login and look at it.

what i need to do is be able to add users to the database, but when i
try, i am told that i do not have the proper privileges to do so. what i
need is like a root access with all privileges i believe.

if someone could give me a few clues, that would be terrific!


You can add MySQL users from the DreamHost Panel, here:

thank you for the quick reply, Andrew!

i tried as you suggested and got this error:
Username “xxxxxx” is already taken by another user (or you). If you recently deleted this user please wait for our system to update and you should be able to add it again.

so i tried connecting to the database through the web page and am getting this error:
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) in /home/dengod1/balkanalia/registration/include.php on line 6
Cannot connect to database server

Here is the code to which the above error refers:
$conn = mysql_connect("", “xxxxxx”, “xxxxxx”) or
die(“Cannot connect to database server”);

thank you for further suggestion!

  1. If you’re getting that error, the MySQL user isn’t being created. Pick another, more unique MySQL username.

  2. You must specify your MySQL hostname as the first argument to mysql_connect. An empty string won’t work.

thank you, andrew! i had to do both and have now successfully made it over
that hurdle. now i have to figure out how to get around $_SERVER[‘PHP_AUTH_USER’]
not being populated. it has been 7 years since i last did any of this one-time setup
stuff and am feeling pretty clueless… :slight_smile:

thanks again for getting me this far!

i am now having a new issue with the database. i am adding another user
who will be logging and accessing part of the site. i used the DH webpanel
to add the user and password. (the use of the system is password protected).
when i test this user, i am not allowed in. i just checked the error log for the
web site and it says : user xxxxx not found: /the protected directory

yet, i see the user in the DH web panel. any clues?