Need more space in a DreamCompute volume - add space or migrate?



Hi, I have a site hosted (it’s a Discourse app, as it happens) in a DreamCompute volume, which is only 20GBs and I now need it to be 40GBs. My instance is 100GBs so I have storage space available to allocate to a larger volume.

Is there any way to add GBs to an existing, running volume (so, can I change my 20GB volume to 40GBs) or do I need to migrate what’s on my existing volume to a new larger volume?

If it’s the latter, do I create a snapshot and create a new volume based on my snapshot of the running volume? I’m hoping to do this in a way that minimizes risk of data loss and downtime and would appreciate any advice for how to go about this.




I think DreamHost support has answered this question for me - apparently there’s no way to allocate more space so will need to migrate volumes - these are instructions given, which seem a bit daunting:

But, if there are others who have another way, or other advice, let me know!