Need maildrop help, trying to integrate with SM

I’ve followed the unsupported instructions, I have maildrop and pcre installed.

Has anyone gotten maildrop to work? I need some help finding out why my installation isn’t working quite right.

I really need server side filtering, I’m on a lot of user supported mailing lists. if I can’t filter that mail before it hits my inbox, I’ll have to continue using g-mail (which I don’t want to do). This is my last hurdle, I just need some help troubleshooting why I don’t believe maildrop is working properly.



I just wanted to follow up with my own post, I thought it might be a little confusing.

At this point, I’m simply trying to get mail delivery to recognize the maildrop file that I created in my home directory. I’ve installed maildrop, but I don’t think the files are being processed when I receive mail.

Integrating with SquirrelMail will come after I proven that maildrop is working.