Need mail client and browser recommendations

I need new mail client software, and even move off of Netscape for browsing.

System: Wintel XP Pro
Currently using: Netscape 7.2 configured for pop3 (willing to use imap, but since I don’t leave mail on the server, not sure what it offers me)

History: I was happy, then a few months ago Netscape browser started crashing. Upgraded to 8.1 without reading the documentation :frowning: and learned the hard way there is no mail tool in the new version.

Now running v7.2 (re-installed) for mail and use v8.1 for browsing. This browser is stable, but a horrible memory hog.


  1. Import my local mail into the new mail reader
  2. Clicking on a link in an email will open it in the browser of my choice
  3. Not Outlook (lookOut)

Rudy Rimland

If you want mail integrated in the browser try opera or seamonkey.

Firefox is a good browser with a lot of useful addons.

For email I would suggest thunderbird or the windows live mail desktop beta.

I don’t know though how easy it would be to import local mail in to these.

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hands down Firefox and Thunderbird. There’s nothing else worth using (IMHO).

–Matttail - personal website

Certainly everyone at my job are big fans of firefox and thunderbird. Firefox is particularly good if you’re a web developer because there are lots of addons that will help you debug your html.

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As with other folks here… Firefox for browser & Thunderbird for mail client. Recently I took a look at Opera, and I do love it for the time being.


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ThunderBird and FireFox are installed, but with a problem…

First, thanks for the advice, they are great tools.

I did change over, though not how I planned. Did a bad registry edit :blush: (skipping long sob story here :frowning: ) and ended up buying a new disk and re-installing everything (XP Pro and all applications) and then transferring my files from the old disk.

Now, links in mail do not open in the browser, I have to copy and paste them.

Any thoughts? I know I am off-point for this forum, just hoping I am missing something simple and obvious (to everyone but me).


Sounds like Firefox may not be your default browser. That or check firefox preferences for default programs to use.

–Matttail - personal website

Another Firefox/Thunderbird user here, although I do miss some of the features that Outlook offered I could only take so many timeout messages due to M$ not following standards when communicating with servers via POP3.

This is one downside of Firefox, as I sit here with a single window open after some time browsing the net it is using 208MB of memory, it just doesn’t free up memory that well, admittedly I am running a few plugins, but inevitably everyone ends up running a plug in or two as this is what makes Firefox as good as it is.

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The default browser was properly set.

What I found was a left over network.protocol-handler.external.http variable in my prefs.js file (from dealing with the previous Netscape versions kludge). Just changed it from false to true, much better now.

Thanks again for the advice and help!