Need Immediate Assistance

First things first. How do I go about switching servers within the DreamHost network? In a weeks time I’ve experienced 2 outages and would like to request a new server. Not a new Host, just a new DreamHost server.

As for the rest…

I personally am not a web designer / developer, but I am the owner of a domain / organization. I have two developers for my site, however, they are based out of the Philippines and Australia while I am in the US.

Problem is, site goes live tomorrow. I still feel there is a lot to do, and even with all their efforts, I do not think it is yet ready to launch.

What I need:
Someone who can help me out with a few things quickly, today, ASAP, while they are sleeping.

If anyone is willing to help me please let me know.

Some of the things I need done are:
Universal log in implementation. I have purchased and am using a Prochat chatroom on the site, which is php based. The chat is up and running however, it requests visitors to register / log in again rather than using the log in for the site. The site / forum accounts have been integrated together, so the last bit would be the chatroom. Because let’s face it, when you visit a site, who wants to have to log in 2, 3, or 4 times to get into different areas?

Also, with the log in, I need to have a “log in: user name / password” bar place at the top of the site, because as of right now, the only way to log in is on the forums.

Another thing I need: To set up a newsletter subscription register. As of right now, on the left of the site, there is an option to subscribe to the RSS feed, and then an email section, which needs to be turned into a newsletter subscription but is currently an email based RSS feed.

I also need a “donation” ticker placed on the site. Not for donations given to the site, but for what the site donates as my organization is a charity / social network.

The last major thing I need is for when new users register, I would like to have a verification process. The methods I want to have for verification are:
(When registering, you will only need to pick one.)

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. Steam account ( (Users would need to provide their STEAM ID # as well as Steam ID Profile Page)
  3. Photo verification. (Users will be required to take a picture of themselves while holding an “ID” card. i.e. I would take a photo of myself holding a piece of paper / card with the name roegner1030 on it.)

The site is currently developed using Wordpress / Buddypress and is based on a php server from

The site is based on the premise of “gifting” as a means of inspiring friendship and kindness.

Please let me know if you can provide any help.

Sounds like you need a programmer. It might be easy to integrate the chatroom with your general login, but only if the chat avoids using exotic or special one-way encryptions. If it does, you’d have to hack the software. I’ve done that with phpMyChat so I know such things are possible. The login input at the top is simple, but needs some programming. Same with the donation button. Some simple PayPal button code will do it, but again, it takes a little programming and setup. Things get worse if you are using WordPress or similar CMS system. It is slow to hack the templates on those, and altering the system makes updating them very impractical or impossible. You may get your site up today, but not with all those mods.


Any chance you would be able to refer me to someone who can accomplish these things? It’s important for me to have the site up ASAP as my members are waiting patiently (for now.)