Need Help with Wordpress Question on Dreamhost

Hi, I’m new to Dreamhost, WordPress and this forum. I tried posting this question on the Wordpress forum, but was told I need to get help from the Dreamhost support community (“With your current setup you’ll either contact your host for WordPress assistance or visit the community forums at wordpress dot org”). I’m hoping someone here can help.

I’ve been able to figure out many of the basics in WordPress and have set up my first blog ( Now I want to get to the point where I can structure the site to have each category as it’s own page and structure the home page with links to these separate pages so the user can navigate to them. I’d rather not have latest posts all showing on the home page first.

I have my categories set and have created a few posts assigning them to categories. As I said, I would like to set up a page per category (I think) so that my home page shows an annotated graphic per category such that when it is clicked, it navigates to the posts for that category.

For instance, I have a category called Restaurant Reviews and one called sites we’ve seen. Using these 2 as examples, my homepage would show 2 graphics that I’ve annotated with the Category name. When I click on the Restaurant Reviews pic, it would navigate to the “category” page that shows all posts having to do with Restaurant Reviews. There the latest posts for that category would show.

From my research, I think I want to do this with pages, but I’ve also seen indications it may be done with menus with pages (or categories) tied to the menu items??

I’m getting too deep in the weeds and need some help. I’m not a programmer, but I can (I think) understand some semi-technical discussions. Hopefully someone from these forums can help. Thanks in advance!

Yeah, you’re in the weeds. :slight_smile: No need for this specific challenge.

WordPress already exposes categories as pages. So look at the category ID. I’ll make this up:
Restaurant Reviews might be “restaurant-reviews”
Sites We’ve Seen might be “sites-we-have-seen”

Now go to // or //

To make those categories available from the home page, go to the Admin/dashboard, Appearance, Customize. You’ll want to get familiar with the customizer. It’s a little different with each theme but overall there is a base consistency. Look for sidebars, and then adding widgets to sidebars. There is a default widget that will add a list of categories to a sidebar. A sidebar isn’t just for “a side”, it’s a section anywhere in your page for content.

So now you just have a list of categories in a section. It’s more like a menu than homepage content. It’s not pretty but you can now move from ugly to pretty rather than from nothing to anything. The next step is to look at options available in your theme, which might have built-in options for showing categories with associated images. Consider a plugin to associate featured images with categories.

At this point you have a lot of leads to information. I hope you can use this to do some research and then come back and let us know how you’re doing. For details about specific options, post to the plugin support forum pages, or to plugin/theme-specific website pages, or contact the authors.

Also check websites like WPMU DEV or WP Engine. They have a ton of blogs, and community forums, where people discuss this kind of stuff all the time.

Good luck!

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