Need help with vps


I heard from mt friend that you vps is basically a virtual computer. It let you try or mess with the system without worrying about losing data or attacking by viruses. However, as far as I’ve seen, the buttons or command that allows me to access to my vps are nowhere to be found. Would anyone here recommend me some helpful article or instructions in accessing to vps.


It is not actually true. You do need to worry about losing data or being attacked by viruses.

I think what you friend means is that you can easily create a new VPS when it is affected.

In a VPS, everything is same as a normal operating system except it is virtually created within VM environment. So you will lose the data in VPS if the VPS is corrupted or is hacked.


Sounds like you don’t have the first clue what your doing, or what a VPS is actually for. If you have already purchased one I would simply cancel it.


Oh c’mon. It’s 2 week free-trial anyway. I know I don’t have a single clue about what vps actually like, but there’s no way I can wait until 3 years later to be able take Web Design or anything like that. Since VPS, from what I’ve read so far, is the only thing that I understand simply by looking through Wikipedia. The problem is how can I access to my VPS and explore stuffs in it. Do I have to create domain, DNS, or something? I really really want to know more about this type of technology. Please help me with it.

[QUOTE]So you will lose the data in VPS if the VPS is corrupted or is hacked.[/QUOTE]

Hold on! Are you serious about VPS being corrupted? I thought it happens only when you store something on Cloud Hostings like Dropbox.


Sounds like you just want something to play around with, to learn about Web servers. Since, based on your message here, you are starting from 0, as far as knowledge goes, you might be better off trying to create a web server on a machine you own, so you can learn how it all fits together and all about security while you are at it.

Just Google ‘virtual server lamp’ and check out some of the links.

The VPS accounts here at Dreamhost don’t feel that different from the shared hosting accounts, you do get the ability to reboot your virtual server, or run your own apache/php/ruby - whatever particulars you’d like to install, and you can create a root user. But, other than that, as far as “Web Design” goes, you can just use a standard account to learn about LAMP web hosting, and you can install almost anything you want your domain, you can even learn how to override DH’s standard php set-up.

IMHO, unless you have the web traffic to warrant it, getting a VPS account here is sort of over-doing it for a beginner. It’s quite a bit more expensive to run monthly, for one thing.