Need help with users and accessing pics

Hello all!

This is the first domain I have ever tried to add users to. I am extremely new to most of this , my only experience is creating basic webpages and running a small site. Heres my issues.

I use my webspace mainly for adding pictures so i can link to them from other forums I am on, and having access to them when I am not at home. I got my FTp setup and dropped a bunch of pictures online and can access them by going to, which gives me the white page with the directories. I can click on the links and see my pictures and everything just fine.

I tried to add a friend of mine on so she could do the same. I setup her user account, and gave her FTP access. She has posted a few pictures, but I cant seem to figure out how to access them from the web. when I go to my site and see the directory, it only shows my folders and pics but not hers. I have also tried by going to where her stuff is parked but it comes up as invalid page 404. I have temporarily let her use my FTP login so she can get a fw things up but I would really like to get her on her own.

I hope I have not confused anyone and cqan perhaps get an answer. Thanks in advance!

Users each have their own home directory.

The web server, the program running the web site, will look for web-accessible files in a subdirectory of a particular user.

However, you can also use “Re-map Subdir” to map a virtual directory to that of a different user.

So if her username is “emryl”, then her home directory is /home/emryl

She needs to make a subdirectory in FTP, eg /home/emryl/web

You need to “Re-map Subdir” so that maps to /home/emryl/web

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If you’re just doing pictures, maybe you want to consider using gallery or something to upload them and store them for you… With Gallery (Search google for Gallery, it’s the first link, and I highly recommend Gallery2) you can let other people have accounts and upload pictures through a nice web interface or using Java. Very easy and the pictures can be linked to from a forum or anywhere.

OK, before I start messing with that, is is possible to do it for both users or will we both then have to load pics into her folder and link from there?

On the topic of galleries, I do not like to use them because from my experience you either have to pay, they are slow to load or size restricted. I paid for this space I may as well use it to my full advantage.

Thanks for the replies!