Need help with templates

First, I’m making a personal/professional website with my name as its own domain, and I plan to add an online resume.

Now, I just spent almost 6 hours trying to learn how to customize a Wordpress template and I’ve gotten almost nowhere.

I’m using Wordpress because I hear it’s the easiest to use out of all the CMS apps out there. I was hoping to avoid modifying any code (there’s LOTS of it and it’s hard to navigate through the code) or messing around the PHP as I have zero experience with any of that (despite the fact that I have an IT background).

I picked the simplest template available and it still was a frustrating experience. But I managed to make a passable home page (albeit with too much white space) at least for now. I’m still not satisfied with the way it looks for a final product.

I want to put my pic to the left next to my name and tagline (all left justified). Then I want to put a pic of clouds under the home/resume menu, ideally a pic of moving clouds or a mini-slideshow of changing pictures. I want to be able to put images within the page body. Then either in a side bar or at the bottom, I want to add small link icons for my facebook, linkedin, and twitter pages. Maybe I’m missing something?

Here’s my site:

Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Follow up post: I used Lubith (free version, limited functionality) to create a template that I more or less wanted, and it looks a little better. I still have a lot to learn about wordpress and templates. Does anyone know how to embed slideshows or animations?

Just a cursory glance, but I think your main problem is that you are trying to reposition things using CSS rather than restructuring your document.

To be very blunt (no offence meant!), the design looks very outdated. Those clouds next to your picture do no favors to the overall appearance, as you end up with two images patched together.

You can google for “free resume wordpress themes” and will find a bunch to choose from. If you’re willing to splurge - some whopping $30 or so - you could get a pretty premium theme suitable for resume / portfolio sites (like these, for example:✓&category=wordpress&new_term=CV). In both cases, you’ll avoid so many headaches trying to code everything yourself!

P.S. you’ve asked about embedding slideshows and animations: just search for plugins, there are literally tons of them that you can use, assuming your theme doesn’t already include a slider.

Thank you for being candid, rightfit. No offense taken, as I want my site to impress. So bring it on!

I’ll take a look at some of these themes, and see what I can find.

Do you recommend that I spend money on a wordpress resume theme? It seems that the ones that cost money look much better than the free ones (not surprisingly), but I’m afraid to spend $30 on a theme and then not like it, or have it not work the way I want it to. Thoughts?

if all you want is a static resume site, just make some static pages. Even Word can export HTML that will look half-decent although the actual markup is horrendous.

I decided to simplify things a bit and used a Wordpress template that is listed in the one-click install (rather than trying to use any of the free themes I found off google - tried that and they all looked TERRIBLE and did not work, I just simply cannot work with the themes I download off the Internet).

After changing the background picture and font colors, I am more or less satisfied with the front page. Then I installed the WP Resume plugin, and created a placeholder position just to see how it looks. I also added the Ultimate Tinymce plugin to help me with changing the fonts and sizes.

However, this is where my progress stopped. On my resume page,, I’m not liking the font sizes of the words “Work experience” as well as the company name, position title, and dates worked at company. I do like how the position title and dates worked are justified, but I wanted to change the font and size - and I could not find a way to do so within the WP Resume plugin.

I also need the “Resume” word at the top to be Left-Justified instead of Center. How do I change that?