Need help with subdomains


I have a domain that is on Dreamhost and which is being pointed to another hosting server. That is working fine. I setup a subdomain via the tool in the Dreamhost panel with the hosting on the VPS. When ftp into the main account (the subdomain address doesn’t work) I see that the folder has been created and there is the quickstart.html. However, when I go to the subdomain it can not be reached. I get the error, “server DNS address could not be found.” Since then I have tried to setup another subdomain on another domain and several databases, none of which are working and all resulting in the same error. I looked at the A records that Dreamhost automatically setups and they are pointing to Dreamhost IP. I’m at a lost and need help quickly.

Also, it shouldn’t be a problem of propagation, it’s been a week since the subdomain was setup. With every other service I never had to wait more than a couple of hours, but generally it’s been within in an hour.

I’ve tried contacting support and have a ticket open, waited for a response that asked me how long ago I set it up and that its take time to propogate. I replied but am not optimistic that they will proactively investigate the issue and I can’t wait another 5 hours just to be asked another question to which I have to wait another 5 hours to.

Any help would be much appreciated

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How is the main domain pointed elsewhere? There is more than one method to do that. It sounds like the domains nameservers are pointed elsewhere. That will produce the symptoms you mention. It’s also the most automatic way to redirect the entire domain elsewhere.

Since this is a customer forum you get the best help when you tell us the domain name so we can look at how DNS is set.

You are correct! Thank you. That was a lot of help. I have it resolved. I needed to also set up the A record on the hosting side.