Need Help with SSH


My friend and I have been trying to get a server to run through SSH on my DreamHost account for the past few days. He’s been able to get it up, but it immediately crashes after it’s up. The server is for a program called BYOND, which is basically a program that allows you to create your own game, and then run it as a server for any one else with the BYOND client to play. We’ve been using PuTTY to connect and stuff, but we’d like some help now. Any one?


I don’t believe DreamHost allows persistent processes on their shared servers. This prevents one user on such a server from slowing the sites of other users on the same server.


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Alright, thanks a lot!


No problem, always glad to help if I can.

The persistent process restriction is a bit of a bummer if you want to run most types of server applications, but it is also understandable from a shared hosting perspective.

One option is to look at a dedicated server (or a virtual dedicated server), but the cost can be prohibitive.


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if you wanted something for this you can try buying a “shell” account. Try google and search around for shell account sellers. These small companies usually just sell the shell, usually for irc bots, but can be used for anything.