Need help with Spamassassin

Hello. I browsed the Forum but couldn’t find anything helpful, google didn’t help either.

I recently made a dreamhost domain, including a domain name and email address. So when I login via the dreamhost Login to get access to my email client, there seems to be something wrong with my Spamassassin.

When I go to Options->Spamassassin->Main, the “Inbox Housekeeping” values keep on resetting everytime I login. I want to put “Remove read messages when inbox reaches” to the value of 500 and “Remove read messages from inbox older than” to the value of 300, and specify the foldername “old-messages” for “Archive expired messages in folder”, but everytime I revisit that page the boxes are empty.

Also, I blacklisted a few email addresses at Options->Spamassassin, they have the highest priority (8) and I set both “At what spam score should emails be tagged as spam?” and “At what spam score should emails be quarantined?” to 1 (I tried 2, 4 etc. too), “Quarantine to IMAP folder?” is empty. But even so, the emails from those addresses go normally to my inbox (not junk). Please help me to configure this, I don’t want to receive emails from those senders, if possible I would like them to immediately get automatically deleted.

Also, could anyone please explain to me how the email filters at Options->Spamassassin->Main work? I added a few names to the “When email from ?? contains ??”, and checked “delete it.” But below that I see “Execute this filter…” and then all of the filters I added, but only one is checked. At the end it says “If this filter matches”-execute and stop. Do all my filters work even though only one is selected? And what’s the difference between “execute and stop” and “execute and continue”? The Dreamhost Client really is confusing me…

Edit: Oh, and what does this “(Keyword filters only work if you don’t have your own .procmailrc file.)” mean?