Need help with setting up WLM IMAP


I’ve got it sort of working. I can send/receive mail and my self created folders are syncing except for the Sent items folder. When I send a message from my laptop a copy is saved in “Sent items” under Storage Folders but not in the Sent folder on the server. Sending from SquirrelMail a copy of the message is saved in the “Sent” folder but it doesn’t sync with the “Sent items” folder on my laptop.

Ideally I would like to have an individual Sent items folder for this account and not use the Storage Folders Sent items and have it sync with the “Sent” folder on the mail server. Any help in getting this setup properly is greatly appreciated.

In Windows Live Mail my IMAP properties are…

Root Folder Path (empty)
Check for new messages in all folders is checked
Store special folders on IMAP server is checked
Sent Items path: Sent items
Drafts path: Drafts
Deleted Items path: Deleted Items
Junk path: Junk E-mail


Set these:

Sent Items path: Inbox.Sent
Drafts path: Inbox.Drafts
Deleted Items path: Inbox.Trash


Excellent! Everything is working as expected now.

Thanks a million!

Actually, one more question. Is it possible to have the Sent, Drafts, and Trash folders up at the top of the folder list instead of in alphabetical order?