Need help with my FTP


So I’m having a bad day. I broke my blog and need to go to my FTP to fix the error.

I use FileZilla but somewhere along the path I have lost the log in info. and I can’t get in.

Can anyone help me with what I can do? There is nothing in FileZilla to answer this question as far as recovering log in info. AND I tried contacting the them and they never respond to my e-mails.


You can use the Dreamhost panel to identify what “user” is being used for the domain. Go to “manage domains” and look for the domain name, and the user will be shown there.

Next go to “manage users” in the panel and change the password for that user. You can no longer look up the existing password, if you don’t know it you will have to change it.

For the host name just use your domain name.