Need help with Magento Website



Guys i have a website. i got it developed by an Indian Developer, and he totally destroyed my website.

I didn’t know he was using a stolen template, the site worked good for a few months, but then a problem occurred. A major problem, automatic generation of pages. and thousand of 404 Errors

I had total 300 products and max 400 pages in the site… but my indexing went over 85,000… Also the servers crashed twice a month and my traffic went down from 1600 to 500…

I’m totally confused, There was a chronicle error i fixed it, now the indexing it 7,000 or something, but still it’s 10-12 times more than the actual pages. I’m worried.

What should I do?


It’s always more pages indexed than you can see. This isn’t problem. You can try to check duplicate pages.

Also you can find this template and buy it.