Need help with ftp accounts and Subdomains


Hi guys.

My last host had cpanel, and i gave me mate an account like this:

He had his own ftp account details, that could only log onto that folder.

Now, i’ve setup a new user on dreamhost, using "Manage Users " > “add user”

Gave him a name, and waited for it to be made.

His folder, moved stright from my other host is on DH – and can still be accessed at

BUT when he logs on using his ftp software:
username: his_name
password: password

All he can see are two dirs called “Maildir” and “logs” – not the actual folder with all his stuff on it.

I’ve looked around my domain, and i cannot find his new folder, otherwise i’d just drag it all in his new one. But the actual www.domain/his_account looks to the old folder, not the new one made by DH.

I told him to upload a file, and if i login to his ftp account, i can see them, but i carnt seem them in a browser as i dont know where to look?

Cheers guys.


By defalut a new FTP user does’t have any web-accessable space. It would probalby be easiest to give him a sub-domain and set his user for that new sub-domain.

If that’s not what you want, check out directory remapping. That will let him log into FTP and access a folder under your domain. You’ll find it in the panel > Domains > remap sub-dir.



You’ll need to use the Remap Subdirectory feature under the Domains tab.
Here’s the Wiki:



If you just want to give your friends their own space, where they can upload their own sites etc, the easiest way is to create sub-domains, setting the default FTP user of those sub-domains to your friends user accounts.

This way your friends will only be able to access their own files/site and your own files will not be visible to them.


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Nope, i still carnt do it guys. :frowning:

I’ve done this:

USERS > Manage Users > Add New User

This makes a new user, and you can login with FTP – but where is his actual page? dosnt work? nor does

I dont think remapping a subdirectory is what i want to do.

I just want to give someone FTP rights to a folder.

Adding a new ftp user, when you login with a ftp program, you can see that 2 new folders have been made, but how do you actually get to them on the web?

Any advice would be great please.

I just want a to be accessable by another ftp user.



You can either create a subdomain and give someone else the rights, or you’ll have to remap. Or both. You can’t just give away rights to a subdirectory. And just creating a user doesn’t give them a website. They’ll need a domain, or subdomain created for them.

I would do the following:

  1. Add a new subdomain : and assign it to joe.
  2. Remap a subdirectory : and map it to

Now when joe FTPs in, he’ll be in his home directory with, which he can modify and have it appear as



have same problem here

[quote]You can either create a subdomain and give someone else the rights, or you’ll have to remap. Or both. You can’t just give away rights to a subdirectory. And just creating a user doesn’t give them a website. They’ll need a domain, or subdomain created for them.
no i can’t do that…
I want to manage all the files w/ my account
if she/he use their own FTP account automaticly I can’t check what are they uploading.


You will know who the user is and have the password so you just log in and delete what you do not like. :slight_smile:



I really don’t understand why I can’t be a god on my on website…

I give permission them to upload so they can help me…
if they using their own account so what’s the point?

if I share my account (I read the FAQ that same account can be log in w/ multiple user)

but… I’m affraid someone delete something…


wow, this is the first time i’ve been pis$ed off with dreamhost so far…

The way of setting up FTP for subdomains – and even making subdomains - sucks balls. :frowning:

Everything else about the custom user CP is great, but today, what i wouldnt have given for cpanel!!!

I really messed up my site, my main domain currently is looking to a sub directory, and i lost ftp rights for awhile.

It really needs sorting - i still havent managed to get my mate a subdomain sorted out - i give in.

And the “please wait 10mins before blah blah blah” grrrr.

Great service from DH (top storage, great bandwidth) – just not for sharing with your mates.


My theory is that you can create subdomains, and then map them to a folder on your main domain.

Since you’re all the same group, make their stuff group-writable (sticky bit might work for this). The catch is that they will be able to modify each others’ stuff. This is how UNIX works, and it’s a safe setup to isolate one user from another. If you want to be a god of your domain, try looking into a dedicated server so you can rule over all accounts.

As another user pointed out, if you have their password, then you can modify their files. It’s not as convenient, but it’s doable.


p.s. I just realized that creating a group for each of your users, and including yourself in that group may help with this in concert with using the sticky bit, or a cronjob that makes everything group-writable.


try to remap the sub-dir

  • oops wait 10mnts…

yes it can…

but as soon I give them the folder (after remaping the sub-dir)
I can’t see their files (altough it’s the same dir)

if I give another permission to user1 to upload to folder files
so when I upload something to same folder (files) my upload files won’t seen in the parent directory…

only the user1 can add/move/delete files from folder files

I’m w/ you…



I have multiple accounts with multiple users. I can ‘cd ~foobar’ and get into their directories and get listings, but I can’t modify it.