Need Help with Frontpage/Nvu Please


I know people don’t like Frontpage…so please don’t criticize me for using it or anything. To me, it’s easier and I do not know html very well.

Frontpage was working fine up until the other day when my updates to my site stopped showing up online. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Does anyone use FP and know what the proper settings are for the FTP part? I’m using FP 2003.

So I downloaded Nvu thinking ok, I’ll try something else. I like the program ok, but I am having a hard time getting my counter to show up and stay up. It keeps showing up as a broken image. I’m not sure what to do with that.

I’m using the Dreamhost counter.

I am willing to use either program, I just need to make updates to the pages without losing things. I’ve been having a heck of a time with Nvu.

Any help is appreciated. And please, like I said…no criticism for the programs I chose to use. I just don’t know html, nor do I have time right now to learn.


hmm, so Front Page quit working with out your changing ftp settings? Or are you new to dreamhost and you’re not having luck getting it set up for the first time?

Also are you storing copies of your files on your comptuer and just publishing them to your website, or have you enabled FP extensions and you’re doing things ‘live’ ?

NVU is a nice program, but I don’t think you need to switch over a little FTP trouble. Just use whatever works best for you. And I agree, as horribe as front page may be, it’s a really user friendly program. Some of the things it does for you behind the sceans is really helpful (some stuff isn’t though!)

Anyways, hopefully we can get up you and running again right away.


Hi! Thanks for the response.

I fixed my ftp settings. They reset for some reason every now and then and I always have a hard time. I wrote them down this time and won’t lose it.