Need help with free webpage setup thank you


I would like to offer my visitor the oppurtunity to host their personal webpages on my account under a specified domain name. How do I go about doing this? How do I setup account via php scripts? How do I restrict what the vistor can run on his account such as javascript etc. also, I want thier accounts to be under

Thank you for your help.

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Thats a big subject, with lot’s of potential answers. The “general” answer is that you provide scripts to manage all these functions for you. If you are proficient in a scripting language, you can write them yourself, otherwise there are commercial (and free) scripts available to provide all (or some) of these functions. is a good place to start. One version of a script that provide most of this is available at (there is even a “free” version available. This is just one of several of these types of scripts that are out there.

As with anything like this, security is a major concern, so you should carefully evaluate that aspect of any such script you intend to use, or write yourself.