Need help with FormMail

Hi, I also posted in the Web Design area, but I thought this may be a more appropriate area for getting help, which I desperately need.

I am having some difficulties getting FormMail to work.

I am trying to follow the Dreamhost method here:

…but it hasn’t worked for me.

All I want to do is have a page where someone can enter their name and email address, hit the submit button, and then it is emailed to me.

I have given it a try, and put up my test page here:

I am good with Flash and graphics, and okay with basic HTML, but I suck at programming, especially with CGI scripts and all that sort of thing.

I would really appreciate any help…especially if someone could look at my Source code and tell me what I have done wrong…I have the feeling that it is close to working, and hopefully needs minor adjustment.


Okay, thanks anyway, I think I got it figured out and working!