Need help with finding a good chat plugin for WP!

Hi all you wonderful and smart people,

So… I’ve trying to add chat rooms to a WP page (hosted with Dreamhost, of course.) I’m planning to try it out on my existing WP page, because we will probably be starting a new page for this project. I’ve had a LOT of trouble finding a good plugin, and there were no suggestions to be had in the WP forums when I posted there. The thing is that all the plugins I’ve found seem to be geared very largely towards businesses and their interaction with customers. This will be a writing site that has no business anything involved whatsoever-- we just need a good chat plugin that can handle multiple chatrooms, many users chatting at the same time (hard to say how many, but at least 20), a chat list, etc. We do not need customer support/help desk/boosting sales and so forth.

This is WP 4.4 if that makes any difference.

Free is best, but I would also try a trial version of a plugin that might have a charge later on.

thanks in advance for the help! :slight_smile:


have you thought of creating a chat channel using things like Slack or good old IRC? Maybe that’s all you need. Check or something like

Does it have to be a chat? bbPress is a good forum plugin for WP, and BuddyPress is a good community/facebook-esque plugin.

But all chat/forum/community plugins are ‘heavy’ for lack of a better term.

Some awesome chat tools:

I think all of those can be self-hosted too. Keep in mind, they can get real slow on slower servers.