Need help with domain masking/cloaking



I’m building a website for [color=#8B4513][/color] with wordpress for a school (totally voluntarily, with no profit) with but their server doesn’t support the wordpress requirements. And I have access to the ftp, but no way of hosting the domain somewhere else since I won’t have access to change the nameservers due to some buerocracy.

So here is my problem:

There’s the domain [color=#8B4513][/color] with a crappy hosting that has old php, no sql etc.

I’ve set up the website on [color=#006400][/color] on Dreamhost shared hosting plan.

Now what I need is:

  • How can I make people who visit [color=#8B4513][/color] to see the content in [color=#006400][/color], but see the url as [color=#8B4513][/color] ?

  • How can I make people that google [color=#8B4513]theschool[/color] and end up at [color=#006400][/color] but see the url as [color=#8B4513][/color] ?

I’d appreciate any help on this issue.

I’ve already tried iframe but the double scrolling bar on long pages doesn’t look any good, besides people end up at [color=#006400][/color] on google searches.
I’ve tried making an .htaccess on [color=#006400][/color] but it is somehow problematic.


if you cannot edit the dns of the other domain name what you want is not possible. you can redirect requests from to but the url people see will be which you say is not preferable. does that matter though? a lot of places have one url for aesthetic reasons that forward to some other domain.


…and you could use a 301 redirect header in an index.php file if you don’t have .htaccess rights.