Need help with DNS and domain


I have had a domain in Dreamhost for almost a year and just now I got the domain so its something like this:

In Dreamhost I have:
While in NIC.MX(Mexico registrar) I have

What I want to do is set up the DNS configuration so when I go to the application running in answers…

I already set the configuration to, and BUT I know I’m missing in something in Dreamhost config panel, specifically a DNS rule or something of that sort that so when it gets a request for it redirects it to

Can someone help me please? All I’ve seen in the tutorials and wiki is that I need to set the registrar DNS’s to point to Dreamhosts’ DNS and that’s it.

Add as a domain to your panel, and set it as a mirror of

Thanks a lot! I tought I had to register a domain in Dreamhost to manage it, I didn’t know i could just add my other domain like that.